What is the R-Value of Attic Insulation in West Palm Beach, FL?

Learn about current home construction best practices for attic insulation in West Palm Beach, FL. Find out what type of insulation is best for a hot, humid climate like Florida's.

As an expert in the field of insulation, I can tell you that current home construction best practices generally suggest an R-30 to R-38 for attic insulation in West Palm Beach, Florida. The Florida Building Code identifies two distinct “climate zones”, and there is no established standard for R-values for insulation in this area. The amount of insulation needed for a project is determined by several factors, such as the climate zone of West Palm Beach and where in the building the insulation will be installed. When selecting Batt insulation, the R-value is an important factor to consider.

R stands for resistance to heat flow, and the higher the R value, the greater the insulating power. Koala installers have the knowledge and experience necessary to recommend and install the correct density and thickness (R value). This resistance, or R-value, refers to the performance of the insulation by measuring the resistance to heat flowing through the insulation over time. Spray foam insulation is a great option for new or existing homes or commercial buildings in West Palm Beach. Attic insulation is critical because more heat passes per square foot through the roof than in any other structure in a home.

Drill and fill applications provide an effective way to modernize older homes and businesses in West Palm Beach with insulation. If you're not sure what type of insulation already exists in your home, take a sample to an insulation expert. Fiberglass blocks are a cost-effective option for residential and commercial construction in West Palm Beach. Make sure that the roof or walls can support any additional weight derived from the additional insulation before installation. The appropriate insulation in the form of a block must be installed in a higher position and on the ceiling beams or wall posts, thus achieving optimal insulation.Gale Insulation's professional installers are up to date with the latest safety regulations and come to your home or business with all the tools and equipment needed to install insulation efficiently and safely.

The effectiveness of an insulated wall or ceiling also depends on how and where the insulation is installed. Most experts agree that spray foam is the best type of insulation for a hot, humid Florida climate, helping to keep moisture, mold and mildew out of the attic. Blown fiberglass insulation, also called blown wool, is an unbonded fiberglass material that experts at Gale Insulation in West Palm Beach apply by machine. This type of insulation is an effective thermal and acoustic barrier for all types of buildings in West Palm Beach.

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